Becoming an Expert: The 100 Gallon Aquarium that Helps you Achieve Your Goals

Beginners will begin with 10 or even 20-gallon tanks, which is treated as entry-level and they are capable of providing sufficient level of possibilities. Obviously, donít expect too much nor try to make something extraordinary. We are not going to discuss beginnerís tanks. Here we are more focused on larger tanks, those that can make you an expert. The first fact to remember is that a 100 gallon aquarium is treated as the main point. If you manage to set it up and to maintain it, you will become a professional. If you donít, you will stay a beginner. All of this simply means that a 100 gallon tank is crucial for your advance and for your progress. Only after you have mastered with these tanks, you can move to larger ones. But, moving from 10-20 gallons aquariums to a 100 gallon unit is a trick job. Thatís why we will assist you in completing all the tasks as simple as possible.

All you have to know about the weight

The main thing to consider is that a weight of a 100 gallon unit is very high! A well-made unit will reach 520 pounds when filled with water. 20-gallon tanks weight around 200 pounds, so this is the first aspect to remember. It wonít be possible for you alone to move, customize and position the tank, so get help. Beginners usually place larger tanks on the same stand which has been used for their smaller aquarium, believing that it will hold! Adding 100% more weight will start a chain reaction of the essentials. Make sure the stand you use can withstand 20% more weight than you place on it. Cabinets are good, but only if they are made from actual wood. Mounting to a wall is still an option, just make sure to reinforce the support with studs. Without them, you can expect plenty of water and fish on your floor. Suitable amount of gravel Gravel is an essential element of all aquariums. But, how much do you need? The unwritten rule is to add 1 pound per a gallon of water. Adding slightly more, up to 1.5 pounds per a gallon of water is possible, but it will seriously increase the weight of a tank. Adding less than we mentioned isnít something you should do. Low levels of gravel can have a serious, negative effect on the ecosystem of a tank.

Filtration system

NO, none of the filters, filtration systems or additional equipment from your old tank can be used for a 100 gallon unit. It is essential to acquire all-new, specifically developed equipment for a tank of this size. It must filter a lot of water as long as possible, so power is needed here. We will also add that mistakes here are very expensive, so donít try to save money on filtration system! Now, you will have to wait until the tank complete the cycle process, or use nitrogen cycle method to speed things up.