75-Gallon Aquariums: The Best Size for Most Hobbyists

Now we have an interesting topic to discuss. We know that a large tank is a better choice, but we also know that there are a lot of different sizes, models and etc. so which one you should choose? Generally, larger tanks are a much better alternative. A 75 gallon aquarium is the first representative of large tanks, so keep in mind that there are a lot of facts to know about it.

A 75 gallon unit is suitable for hobbyists of all ages and all levels of experience. It is one of the most common choices as well, and now we will see why.


If you are moving from a small aquarium, this unit is a big difference. You must be aware that it weighs much more than smaller units, so make sure the stand can withstand all that weight. The size is also interesting for these aquariums. It isnít much higher than for smaller models, but it is still far more affordable than larger units. In essence, we can say that the price is perfectly balanced. If you are looking for a large tank on a budget, this is a choice to make. Another fact to consider is that these tanks come in a variety of shapes, looks, and forms. They are commonly seen is elite restaurants, hotels and etc. which made them extremely popular. Smaller units are usually square, so they may be so appealing to you.

Which fish to keep in your new aquarium

You already know that the look of this aquarium is spotless and we can even say perfect. Of course, the main element here is the fish itself, which brings a question, which fish you can keep? Actually, the possibilities here are almost endless. Zebra Danio, Diamond Tetra, Scissortail Rasbora, Pearl Danio, Serpae Tetra and Glowlight are commonly found in tanks of this size, so they are the safest choice. On the other side, the number of other fish that can be kept is so high that we cannot even include it in the article.

In simple words, most of the fish can be kept here without a problem. Combined with the price and the maintenance requirements, these aquariums are perfect for all of you who want to experiment and to make unique eco-system.


All plants are compatible with these aquariums, so there are no issues here. Floating plants are definitely important because they can reduce the amount of the light that penetrates the tank. They also provide food and are easy to keep. In any case, removing them is very simple also. Due to the size, suspended plants are possible to keep in this aquarium as well. We liked the fact matching and mixing a variety of plants is possible and simple.

Make the choice today

The bottom line is that an aquarium of 75 gallons is one of the safest alternatives today. It has a proper size, but it can be used for any fish and all plants you have in mind.