AGA (Aqueon) 30 Gallon Aquarium Review

When looking for an aquarium to buy there are two main items that should be considered before any other factors. The very first items is "durability". Does the aquarium look like it's going to hold up through years of use and possible abuse without badly scratching or springing a leak? This is the most important aspect as many of us have had the experience of a leaky tank or of one that cracked upon an attempt at drilling the tank. I will not talk about any specific brands but in general if the brand you are considering has been around for a number of years and it is one of the brands that can offer a really long warranty then it will be safe to purchase.

The other deciding factor in an aquarium is it's shape - the AGA (Aqueon) 30 Gallon Aquarium is one of the "long and short" aquariums that i mentioned earlier - there is not a lot of height or depth to this aquarium but it is really personal preference that matters if you are going to want it or not. This aquarium worked very well for me for a number of years. It had acquired a number of scratches along the way but after it was filled with water the scratches disappeared for the most part. You cannot get a lot of fish into this tank before overcrowding as the dimensions are just 36"x13"x16" but I did manage to keep a lot of happy critters (snails, crabs, worms) in this tank without any major problems (other than my crabs eating come of the snails). I did not like the shape of this tank as much as my 40 gallon breeder or 60 gallon Marineland but it did the job for a number of years for me and it is a good step up from the dimensions of a AGA (Aqueon) 30 Gallon Aquarium.