Beginner Fish Tank Guide

So, you are a beginner in the world of fish tanks and you want to set-up your first aquarium properly? If you do, this is the best place for you. Here you will be able to get all the details and all what you need to know before moving to the next step, which is enjoying in your creation by the way. Before everything you should know that having and maintain a fish tank is complicated and a time-consuming process. Donít lose hope. Once you understand how things work, you will become an advanced hobbyist.

Smaller aquariums are the best

Obviously, you will want a big fish tank. The bigger is better, but not if you are a beginner. They are more complicate to setup, to use and they wonít forgive any mistakes. A beginner fish tank should have a 30-gallon capacity. It is the most suitable because you still get plenty of space inside for your fish, but it is easy to place and it is affordable.

Placing a tank is the next best thing. Here, you will have to make sure you placed it in a sturdy place. A cabinet is the most common choice and we like it as well, but the place where the cabinet is located is equally important. It should be somewhere where falling isnít possible. Also, make sure it isnít placed in a high traffic area.

Filters and water tests

Now, when you have placed your tank, the time is just right to pay attention to the water filter. It must process the entire volume of a tank 3-5 times in one hour. Larger tanks require larger filters, obviously, but because you are a beginner, and you have chosen a smaller tank, hang-on-back models are perfect. Donít forget that you should keep within your reach several cartridges, in order to replace them as soon as possible. During the first few weeks, with a new tank, they will have to be replaced more frequently.

Water test kits are something you must have as well. They are a cheap investment that can help you provide the best water quality for your fish. Generally, they will help you determine the levels of nitrate, ammonia, PH and etc. If any of these levels are high, a corresponding task will be required.

Additional accessories you will need

Although a heater isnít an accessory itself, it is an important addition to your tank. It will allow you to keep tropical fish in the tank and it will eliminate the risk of diseases. As such, it is something you must have since the day one. The most crucial thing to consider is the voltage of the heater. It must be able to process the entire water volume. EHEIM Jager heaters are usually the best choice. Other accessories include fishnet and a glass scrubber. There is no point in telling you how they work.

A few months after you have purchased your first fish tank, you can replace it and move to the larger one. You are ready.