Best Aquarium Filters for Saltwater and Freshwater Tanks

All of you who are planning to have their aquariums perfectly clean and safe, but at the same time to keep their fish happy, a filtration system is a main thing to consider. Basically, the main element here is the filter itself. Before just ordering a new filter, you should be aware that there are units designed for saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Using them for the type of ecosystem that they werenít designed for isnít an option.

Best saltwater aquarium filters

In a case of a saltwater aquarium, wet/dry filters are the best ones. We liked them because they are capable for filtrating a huge amount of waste, debris, chemicals and etc. Correspondingly, they are perfect for aquariums with a lot of fish and even other creatures. The best aquarium filter will also deliver plenty of oxygen to bacteria needed into transferring debris and common waste into non-toxic elements!

One of the most useful and best-known filtration systems of this kind is known as Berlin filter/algal system. It is extremely easy to use, but it still provides a perfect water filtration. Ammonia and nitrate levels are always as they should be and there is no risk of increased toxicity in the tank. Obviously, all of this can be met only if you make sure the proper flow is taken into consideration. If you make a mistake here, the entire filtration system wonít be very useful, which has a huge side effect on your pets. Other popular types are protein skimmers, deep sand bed and live rock.

Best freshwater aquarium filters

Almost all experts prefer and use power filters for freshwater tanks. There are actually a lot of advantages these units have to offer so this choice is perfectly clear. First of all, they ensure three-stage filtration (biological, chemical and mechanical). Then there is the advantage with the water flow. These filters can be used for tanks of various sizes, so replacing them when you replace your aquarium wonít be necessary. We also liked the fact they hand on the back side of a tank, so none of the view wonít be compromised with the device, perfect in any way imaginable. When it comes to manufacturers, there are several of them which are rated as the best. They include Penguin, Emperor and etc. It is actually up to you which to choose, but this type of water filters is the best in general. Other, popular types of aquarium filters for freshwater tanks are undergravel, wet/dry, and canister models.


Getting the best filter will allow you to boost the power and all the benefits of your tank. It will allow you to keep more fish, add more interesting additions and to make sure your pets are perfectly happy. In a case you use a poor-quality filter, for your advanced and large aquarium, you can imagine what will happen! It is definitely something that you must avoid. In those circumstances, the filter capable for filtrating the highest amount of water is the safest choice.