Key Elements to Consider When it Comes to Your New, Custom-Made Aquarium

Stock aquariums are the best option for many of you. They are definitely the most affordable ones and they are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, with different features and etc. But, all of them are pre-made so there is no room for advanced customization. If you are one of those who want to own something original, a custom aquarium is a must. Here, you will get a proper idea of the elements and aspects to consider.

Choosing the right size

This is the first and the main factor when you want to make and own custom aquariums. Bigger is always better, due to several reasons. First, a bigger tank will be able to accommodate more fish. Then, the ecosystem inside is safer and more resistant than you may think. Ph., oxygen levels and all other parameters are more stable than with smaller tanks. Obviously, a larger aquarium is more expensive, but it can be treated as an investment. They are known for lasting longer, for offering advanced possibilities and for looking much better than smaller ones.

Wider or taller

Generally, wider tanks are better, because they provide a much better oxygen exchange between the oxygen in the air and in the water. Wider models are also beneficial for the square surface because they have it more than taller ones. Taller tanks shouldnít be forgotten. They are known for the ability to accommodate different fish species. Different fish live in different levels in a tank, so keeping 2-3 species is possible. Of course, learning which species are the best and which can be kept in the same tank is crucial. Donít forget that taller tanks require more maintenance.

Glass itself

Now when you know the shape and dimensions, it is time to choose the glass. It is generally sold according to the strength or safety factor. 3.8 is the most common and it is enough, but it isnít the best. You should choose stronger glass if the tank is larger and it must withstand more pressure. The iron glass is truly an alternative to consider. The main reason is the transparency it offers. It is much clearer than ordinary glass, making the entire tank look much better. On the other side, it is more sensitive to the scratches, so make sure you use it with care. The glass is always linked together with a silicone. Make sure you apply only an amount of it which can be used between 3 and 5 minutes, or it will develop a crust and connecting the glass panels wonít be very effective.

Open or closed tank

The next step is to determine which type of a tank you really want. Is it closed or open type? Open tanks mean that they donít have a lid at the top. They are more beautiful and simpler to make/use. However, a jumping fish cannot be kept in them and falling items are common to find inside. Closed ones are safer, but donít look as good as the first type. Your choice.


Following these simple tips will help you get a custom-made tank of your dreams. Maybe they are simple, but these are key elements to consider.