Installing the Filter to Your New Fish Tank

Filtration system has a huge role in the ecosystem and the fish tank in general. It is an essential component that must be properly installed and properly maintained. Letís begin with the installation method. You probably believe that it is the extremely complicated thing to do, but it isnít. In a matter of fact, you will need between 5 and 10 minutes to complete the procedure. Of course, all of that will depend on the type of filter you have bought.

Assembly your new filter system

No matter which type of a filter you order, it will have to be assembled. Manufacturers send filters in that way so they save space, but also to make sure the filter system can be shipped and delivered without any damages. A good thing is that you will have to connect 2-5 elements together while following the instructions. We cannot help you with this matter anymore because each assembly process depends on the filter itself. Nevertheless, the instructions are usually enough.

Place the filter

The next step is to install the filter to a tank. A fish tank filter setup is also determined by the type of a filter you have chosen. In essence, we have two the most common types.

Under gravel filters- They must be placed under gravel, obviously. Just make sure none of the gravel comes into the air pipes. Also, make sure it is well-placed and it cannot accidentally move. Connect lift tubes as well. This is a mandatory step that some individuals simply skip, due to some reasons. The power supply is the next thing to connect and you are done.

On-tank filters- They are a newer type of tank filters and they are widely used nowadays. As the name suggests, they must be installed on the tank itself. Here, you will have to pay attention to the way how to add them to a tank. Some must be drilled and bolted into place, while others must be hang-on. In both cases, they must be placed on the farther side of a tank, so they donít affect the view. Connect the power supply now. As you may already know, it must be kept away from the water. Top tip: Always choose models that have the best power cord insulation, just in case.

Start the filter - Now you will simply turn on the filter and everything will work perfectly. Although this is the main point, the accent is on the water. None of the filters should be activated without the water in a tank! It is essential to fill the tank with water, so the entire filtration system pulls the water in and therefore begin its operation.

The bottom line

As you can see, installing a tank filter is simple and you can do it all by yourself. In some cases, you may need help from a friend or a YouTube. This is especially important if you are planning to install a specific filter.