Best Fish for Salt Water Aquariums

If you have ever considered about getting a salt water aquarium, you probably know how many people will tell you that this is a bad choice. They are apparently extremely complicated, expensive and time-consuming to maintain. All of these are common mistakes and illusions! Salt water tanks and salt water fish do require a bit more maintenance and yes, they are slightly expensive, but all of that almost cannot be compared and most of you will treat it as irrelevant differences.

The most important feature to consider here is the fish. Which species are ideal? Which of them will be suitable for beginners, intermediate and professional hobbyists? If you want to find out, keep on reading.

1. Watchman Goby- The most common species

Here we have one specie that is perfect for beginners, but it also looks great if you are an expert. They are common in two different colors and patterns, but the most popular ones are yellow-green in color. We prefer them simply because they are easy to find and easy to keep. Although they may bully other members of the same species, they can live in a harmony with all other species.

Their diet is entirely based on shrimps, so it is simple and cheap. The bottom line is that they are resistant species which is very common and easy to keep.

2. Coral Beauties- Love big tanks

Despite the fact in the name we have a term ‘’coral’’ Coral Beauties are not coral-related fish. In a matter of fact, they are native to rock-based water areas. The main thing to remember here us that they require a large tank. The smallest one you should even consider is 70 gallons, but those of 100 or 125 gallons are an even better choice.

Their diet consists of algae, Spirulina and similar, meaty food in general. We adore them simply because they look so beautiful. This term in the name is correct. They are also colorful and look great.

3. Butterfly Fish- more than 100 different sub-species

Butterfly Fish lives in oceans across the planet. There are more than 100 different sub-species and all of them are unique. Some of the most common ones are covered with stripes and dots. Keeping them is simple and easy, but it purely depends on the sub-specie. That’s why it is important to check the guide for a specie you want to keep in your aquarium.

4. Tangs- 100 gallons tank is a must

Tangs are aggressive towards members of their own specie, but they can live together with other species. The best part about them are the colors, which come in all rainbow variations. We liked the yellow ones, but there are plenty of other colors to choose from.

A tank you are going to use must be ‘at least 100 gallons, although a larger one will be a better choice.

If you choose one of these species and pair it with a correct tank, keeping salt water fish and having an aquarium of this kind is a real pleasure.