Nano-Fish: Ones to Look for At a Local Tropical Saltwater Fish Store

As the name suggests, nano-fish are small and tiny fish that are just a great addition to any tank. They are simple to keep and they will make an aquarium look better than ever before, due to the originality and a variety of them. Correspondingly, you will know that there are a lot of them to choose from, so which one you will want? At the local tropical saltwater fish store you will have to compare the compatibility of this fish because some of them donít like other species. In any case, we will give you the best examples of nano-fish to choose today.

1. Firefish

Firefish is the first and the most common choice. They look amazing and with yellow head and purple, blue and orange bodies they are a real pleasure to watch at your aquarium. We like them the most due to care level, which is low. The temperament is peaceful, so they can be kept with many other species. Donít forget that they are a carnivore.

2. Neon Blue Goby

Here we have one of more appealing fish for your tank. It will grow up to 2 inches and it will stay like that. The colors include blue and black and paired with a white aquarium floor, they will actually look amazing. The temperament is peaceful, despite the fact they are carnivores. You will consider them for all tanks with 10-gallon capacity or less. In addition, they are easy to keep as well.

3. Hector's Goby

Hector's Goby is similar fish to the previous one we mentioned. It is truly amazing when it comes to the look it creates on the general appearance of the tank. However, they are more complicated to keep and they are an omnivore. The size is small as well, but they can reach 3 inches. The colors are black and yellow, so this is really extraordinary fish.

4. Fowleria Cardinalfish

Orange and red are the colors this fish offers. It will grow up to 3.5 inches and it can be kept really easy. Donít forget that despite the fact it is a nano-fish, it requires a 30-gallon tank. Other than that keeping it is really beneficial due to the fact it is compatible with most, popular fish.

5. Black-Lined Blenny

Black-Lined Blenny is another omnivore fish that can make your aquarium a lot better. It is slightly more demanding in the terms of keeping, but it is still a great choice. Yellow, black and blue colors are the most common you will get, and they are easy to pair with all other fish.

6. Swissguard Basslet

If you live in Switzerland, this is the fish to keep in your tank. It requires a 10-gallon tank, but it isnít compatible with many other fish species. It is aggressive, so keep it with care. The max size is 3 inches.

The final thought

All of the fish here is chosen according to the looks it will have in your tank and on the simplicity when it comes to caring for them.