Is a Wall Mounted Fish Tank Right for You?

We all know that fish tanks or better known as aquariums are very common nowadays. We also know that most of them are designed to be placed on a stand, cabinet or etc. But, did you know that there are wall-mounted aquariums? They are rare, in the lack of a better word, so donít expect to find one in your local pet shop! A wall mounted aquarium is purpose build, designed according to the specific demands of the future owner. It also must be properly installed and maintained. All of this brings a question, is this type of aquarium right for you.

Aquariums of this kind are also known as portrait aquariums, due to resemblance to the pictures.

Advantages and benefits of portrait aquariums

Here we have some of the extraordinary advantages. The first one is related to the looks. These aquariums are the best-looking of them all and they can make any home much better and definitely look high end. Although most of them are 18 inches long and 6 inches deep, there are custom-made units which are 7 feet long! It is even possible to get a bigger one if you really want it.

For small apartments, these aquariums are the best choice as well. They donít require floor space, so they are also ideal for homes where high traffic is common. Letís just add the fact that the atmosphere they make is outstanding, due to the fact it is placed high above the floor, looking at the fish is more appealing. Most experts had or have an aquarium of this type, but they are also common for commercial places, such as banks, shops and etc. A useful advantage, related to this purpose only is stress reduction, which has been proved by therapists.

Facts to consider before you get a portrait aquarium

Here we have the main factors to consider and all of them are equally important. The first one is related to the apartment of the house itself. Most of these tanks may reach 100 pounds when full. Full-size units can even reach 300 pounds, which means that the construction must be strong and tough. Studs and concrete-based installation methods are the most recommended. However, this also means that mounting them in a drywall apartments isnít an option! We already mentioned that a wall mounted tank is hard to find. The most common place is the internet and we highly recommend it. Yes, it is possible to make one all by yourself, but it is a difficult process.

Which fish do you want to keep in your new tank? Not all species can live in wall mounted aquariums, due to a simple reason. The oxygen exchange is poor, so smaller fishes are usually the only choice. Large ones can be used in large tanks of this kind, but the mounting process is completely different. When it comes to maintenance, it is also simple and isnít very different than with conventional aquariums. Is a portrait aquarium right choice for you? It probably is.